5 juli 2021

Should I stay or should I go?  

Should I stay or should I go? Should I do it or not? Tough choices…… Some years ago I would be in the so-called limbo, not […]
13 juni 2021

It starts with an intention

It all starts with an intention! Your intention will create the journey And the answers… It is all a dream until you make a plan. Setting […]
13 juni 2021

Do you take care of your emotions?

How do you take care of your emotions? Like a stormy sea of emotions? Our emotions are right there, energy moving in our body. The body […]
15 januari 2021

Are you a consumer or a creator?

Are you a consumer or a creator? That was the question I got yesterday, in an online meeting with the ladies of het ‘Voluit Programma’ For […]
2 januari 2021

Ready for change

Although it is still a period of silence in nature, cold and gray, a new seed already does                  […]
20 december 2020

Dark & Light within me

December 2020 ….. This time of the year is a time for a pause, giving ourselves the opportunity for silence and reflection. A period of rest […]
10 september 2020

Mudanca de país, sucesso ou fracasso? (Portuguese)

O nosso ego é culturalmente criado. Criamos a nossa personalidade atraves da nossa cultura, família, educação e religião. Tudo o que vejo, ouço, cheiro, sinto e […]
28 augustus 2020

A foot in each canoe

It is difficult to find balance between two countries. I hear a lot, my body is here, my heart is there. A foot in each canoe […]
8 augustus 2020

How to live in the flow of life?

This picture was made in the beginning of this year, still cold, with @viviancostaphotography. Vivian wanted to do a photoshoot on my favorite spot, which is in […]
9 maart 2020

Interculturele competenties, een van de geheimen tot succes

Een van de voordelen van het wonen in een andere cultuur is dat je interculturele competenties ontwikkelt. De kennis van culturen, andere gewoonten en weten hoe […]
21 november 2019

Op zoek naar het beloofde land

Op zoek naar het beloofde land . De mythe van het beloofde land bestaat in vele culturen. We zijn altijd op zoek naar een veilige en […]
31 oktober 2019

Emoções no trabalho

Como você faz? Você esconde suas emoções no trabalho ou você se deixa levar? Você já teve uma choradeira ou ataque de raiva no meio do […]
7 december 2018

Contato com Autoridades Holandeses

Série Autoridades Holandesas – Contato com a prefeitura (gemeente) Para viver na Holanda legalmente, tudo começa pela prefeitura da cidade onde você vai morar. O registro […]